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Monday, October 14, 2019

Pumpkin fluff

Pumpkin fluff

A great use for your Young Living Essential oils.

1 small can pumpkin
1 box vanilla or butterscotch instant pudding
1 small container cool whip

2 drops ginger vitality Essential oils
1 drop nutmeg vitality Essential oils
1 drop clove vitality Essential oils
1 drop cinnamon vitality Essential oils

Mix all together,  let flavors blend and dip set up for at least 3 hours in refrigerator.

Sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice over top of dip

Serve with gingersnaps,  vanilla wafers, Graham crackers,  pretzel crisps,  or sugar cookies.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Breakfast bake

Bag of red potatoes 3 lbs

1 lb sausage or bacon cooked
1 green pepper or red pepper
1 small onion

1 dozen eggs
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
2 cups Shredded cheese

Cut up one half of the 3 lb bag of potatoes and place in a 9x13 pan.
Drizzle potatoes with olive oil.
Toss to coat all potatoes.
Season with salt and pepper.

Put in 450 oven and bake for 25 to 30 min until potatoes are fork tender.

While potatoes cook:

Mix the eggs in a bowl with whisk and blend well.

Chop vegies in small pieces.

Cook and crumble sausage.

When potatoes are cooked:

Sprinkle vegies, sausage and cheese over cooked potatoes in 9x13 pan.

Pour eggs over top of everything and return to oven.

Bake 15 to 20 min until eggs are cooked and knife comes out clean when tested.

1 3 lb bag of red potatoes will make 2 9x13

I like to make 2 pans at a time, eat one pan and cut the other pan into 8 portions,  putting each portion into a sandwich bag and put into freezer for breakfasts at a later time.


A recipe I have been trying to perfect for my hubby for the past 32 years we have been married.... his grandmother used to make this,  and we finally figured out something close to her recipe.

Goulash like Grandma used to make

2 lbs ground chuck
1 large onion chopped
1 tsp garlic powder or
1 tb chopped garlic in a jar.

2 15 oz cans tomato sauce
2 15 oz cans tomato puree
1 15 oz can diced tomatoes

Salt pepper

3 cups pasta
3 cups water

Brown hamburger with onion and garlic in large pot.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Cook until meat is cooked through.
Drain off oil if there Is a bunch from your hamburger.
Add canned tomato sauce, puree,  and diced tomatoes, cook for 20 min to blend flavors.

Add pasta and water.
Cover with lid
Cook for 30 min, stiring occasionally, until pasta is cooked and most liquid is absorbed.

I like to add a can or two of olives to my goulash. 

Serve with shredded cheese, parmesan cheese,  garlic bread and a green salad.

My mom used to add corn and dark red kidney beans, as well as olives to her goulash.

I hope you enjoy this old fashioned meal as much as my hubby does!

Friday, January 1, 2016

New year

Today starts a new year... 

And what better way to start the year, than with the Lord 

She reads truth Genesis

Starting in Genesis, come study with me and many other across the world as we draw closer to Christ in out daily reading of God's word...

My biblical goal for the year is to daily read God's word, and ask him to fill me up to overflowing.

To become more like him...

Grab your bible, or go directly to the link above to draw closer to the Lord with me this year through daily spending time with the amazing creator of the universe.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Chong's Korean

We have been enjoying some of the local shops
in the area during construction on the to help
support them since most people don't wan to brave the construction zone to visit the local shops.

Chong's Korean Barbecue is amazing, 
and run by an amazing woman that does everything
by her self.  She greats you, takes you order, cooks and 
serves you with a smile....

This is the Korean version of sushi.... It is 
completely delicious and has no raw meat 
for the squeamish...


This is my Hubby's favorite, the Korean barbecue
with white rice and a delicious salad of spinach greens
tossed with a soy sauce based dressing..... Yum!!!

"Taegi Gogi"

This is what I tried this time, since I had heard
so many people order this over the phone while
we have sat there waiting for our food to arrive...
It was really good...but everything we have 
ordered we have liked.
This had cooked ingredients and some 
raw vegies in this, on a bed of rice...
She instructed me to toss it together before
I ate it.  There is also a Fried egg over easy 
on top that added a pretty neat taste to the dish.

"Bibimbap with Pork"

This is my hubby threatening to eat the food
before I can take a picture of it....
Quite the funny guy.  He was pretty hungry though
so I don't blame him of wanting to 
dig right in and eat... 
Actually, when the food came I had this dish with
chicken, and it had such a great wafting scent coming
my way that I forgot to take a picture of my food
and started eating it right away, and completely forgot to
take a picture of my plate...  

Oh Goodness.... 
Now I am craving this food!!
And I can't justify going there all by my self

Being Creative??

Rainy summer day here.....

love spending time with my bible and a good cup of 
coffee on the front porch in the morning
when it is not too rainy....

Yesterday I spent some time painting with water colors
kind of fun....

Wanting to be more creative..... Summer time is
for having fun, and doing things, and experiencing things
new and adventurous...

I'm in the mood to be creative in Gods Creation.

Give praise to the Lord who creates beauty
all around you....

What are you doing this summer to be creative 
and enjoy the beauty of summer?

I am thinking of working on a Bible art Journal....

I'll post pictures if I actually get some pages done, 
there are so many examples on pinterest and Instagram, 
it really inspires me to dig into Gods word, and
be creative in the process....

Hope you have a Blessed, and creative weekend.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Bible Studies

I am loving my bible studies this summer.....

I am doing two, and both of them meet different needs that 
I have in a bible study.

The first (Psalm 119) has a printable study that you 
work on and use the SOAK method, which gets you
studying and thinking about what it means in your
life, and how God is speaking to you through it.
I usually start off in the morning, reading the required verses, 
write out the the study verse, and think about it all day...
At the end of the day, I journal, and finish the application 
part of the study and re-ponder the verses of the day....

The second study I am thoroughly enjoying is from  It is a study Called
 Women in the Word.

I starts with Eve, and goes through the bible 
old and new testaments.
They have interactive posting, so you can share your
heart with all the other precious women that are doing the
study with you.
The daily bible reading and devotionals are so heart felt
and have been such a blessing to my life...

You can jump in and start on the current day, or go back
and start at the beginning with Eve...  
All content is online.  A new devotional each day, and corresponding bible passages.... 

I just love taking my bible study and my cup of Coffee
out on the porch in the morning and listening to the birds
chirping, and the leaves blowing in the breeze while I read
and study Gods word....  It sets my day off to a perfect and
refreshing beginning.....

Here are links to both studies...

I hope you will take a look and dig into the 
Word Of God this summer....


Thanks so much for stopping by....

Have a Blessed Day...



Hello World

Last summer

I finally have a working computer again, thanks to my amazing son in law...

So I will be back to posting again....

Praise the Lord for his talents in so many ways, I don't know what we ever did without 
him in our lives.... He is so very talented...

Look for updates more often....


This summer....

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Black Bean Soup

 Black Bean Soup

3 cans Black beans
2 small cans chicken broth
3 carrots chopped
2 stalks celery chopped
1 medium onion chopped
1 lb. of sausage. (Italian, kielbasa, Hot sausage)
1 tb. chopped Garlic
1 tb. cumin

Cooked brown rice.

Cook sausage in pot with onions, celery, carrot until meat is cooked through.
add chicken broth. (if using kielbasa, slice and add with the beans)
drain black beans but do not rinse, add 2 cans to pot. reserve 3rd.
add seasonings and cook for 30 min. using a potato masher, mash the beans to thicken soup.  Add third can of beans, heat 5 min.

Serve with Brown rice, either over the top or beside as in the picture above.
may need to add a can of water if the soup is too thick.

**Serve with chopped onion, or Tabasco sauce if desired.
**Some times I will add a can of Rotel Tomatoes.

Great and easy recipe for those cold winter days.

Pizza Pull Apart Bread

This is a recipe I almost always have the ingredients on hand.
It is one of my Go To recipes for entertaining.
It is made frequently on Sundays to eat while watching football.

Pizza pull apart bread

4 cans biscuits
1 jar spaghetti sauce
2 cups mozzarella cheese. Or more if you like

Toppings of choice: what ever you like the best.
Pepperoni, sausage, onions, peppers, olives, mushrooms, pineapple, ham, banana peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Cut biscuits in half with scissors into a bowl with the sauce, 
toss to coat, add toppings and half cheese and mix carefully, 
pour into 9x13 pan coated with Pam, 
bake at 400 degrees for 30 min or until middle of pan is cooked through.  
May need longer time. Check the middle of pan for biscuit donness.

You Can make with Mexican flavor:
Use a jar of salsa, and toppings like onion, green chilies, olives, tomatoes, green onions, jalapeno, and cheddar cheese.

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