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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A new beginning

I have been wanting to start a blog for quite a while, and with lots of help, I have jumped into the proverbial fire!  I am sure it will take me some time to figure it all out, but eventually I will find my groove and fly with the eagles. until then, I will be meandering through the fog of mystery called the blogosphere......  stay tuned it could turn interesting. There is never a dull moment in my life.


Abbi Hart said...

Yay! Welcome to this wonderful world! I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time!

Heather Thornton said...

Thanks Abbi...... I couldn't have done it without you and I know that you are So very talented, that you will help me out continuously...... Love ya Lots!!

Daniel Thornton said...

Cool. Good luck.

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