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Monday, May 20, 2013

Saying good bye to a loved one is just for a time....... until we meet again in Heaven

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have the most amazing man for a father in law for the past 27 years.... I lost my own father when I was a teenager, so he had a very special place in my heart... 

Sunday this amazing man made his final journey, and his most successful journey of his life.  From his earthly form here to his perfect heavenly body in the presence of Christ.

This man overcame so very much in his lifetime, and brought so much happiness to his family. His is an amazing story, with more trials in his young life than you could imagine, yet he was always filled with amazing love and compassion, and he was always a wonderful father, grandfather, and such a Godly example of a man and husband to his beautiful wife Diane and all of us that had the privilege to know him.

His favorite things in life were his family first first and foremost, then hamburgers, and boy did he love hamburgers, ate them Every day. His day was not complete without his daily hamburger. Then came reading Westerns, and watching science fiction.  And of course John Wayne.

 He loved to read, and for the longest time I truly thought he secretly couldn't read.... it bothered and worried me and I talked to my husband one day about this.  Don would read stories to the grand babies  and there were a lot of grand babies, but the stories were never what the book said, it was always a different story but but the same books.  My fears we not true of course, he just loved to tell stories so much, he would improvise for the babies. I was so happy that my fears were unfounded.  He was a great story teller. We spent so much time listening to his stories.....He could tell you stories for hours.....yes we will all miss that.

He is leaving a great spiritual legacy behind, a family that loves the Lord as much as he did. I see great spiritual strength in his children and grandchildren.  Their commitment to God runs to the depth of their heart and souls.  He thought them to go to church, but most importantly, he thought them to love Jesus, and to have a relationship with Him, and to embrace his saving grace.  His Godly legacy will live on, and I know it made him proud....  And I think that,  is the best and greatest gift he could leave us with... the most important thing he ever did.... an eternal difference that will touch lives around the world forever.

Thank you Lord for giving us this wonderful man to touch our lives.... I'm so glad we were able to share in his life, and call him ours. 


Donnie Eugene 
Surrounded by some of his Grand-kids, summer 2012

Love you Dad....

Photo: One of my favorite pictures of my grandparents.


Jane P. said...

In was scrolling through your posts looking for that carnitas recipe when I found this. I think this is my first time reading this post. It's a good one, thank you for writing this. I always loved when grandpa changed the words to the stories, those Dr. Suess books were hard to understand.

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