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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chicken and Lime Soup.

Surfing Pinterest and the web tonight, and came across this recipe,
It looks really yummy...

Putting it on my need to make soon list.

This is from a budget friendly website, so it's pretty economical.

Here is the link

Doesn't this look yummy.... 
It would be great to pair with tortillas, or cornbread.

Of course my favorite cornbread recipe is here on the blog.

Let me know if you try this...

And don't forget lots of Cilantro.... I love Cilantro!!!

~ Brat~

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Preserving Sourdough

I have been doing a lot of research on Sourdough lately,
And I found that you can dry and rehydrate the dried Starter.

I'm going to give it a try and see if it works....

And then I can send some to my Darling  Niece in California.

It takes a few days to dry, then you just store dry starter sample in a 
Baggie or sealed container until needed.

It seems that you just need to make sure your Sourdough is healthy and
Bubbly for several days with feedings before doing the process
Of drying starter for long term storage.

It's a good idea to do it when you have a vibrant starter, to have a backup 
Incase you kill your current Sourdough Starter.

Well, off to feed my starter for the day, and check on my two bowls of rising
Sourdough Bread.  One of which I had to place in the refrigerator over night because
Of time issues.  Can't wait yo see how that loaf turns out.

The other is the crockpot bread I blogged about yesterday.
The first loaf is almost gone, and I need to get another baked for our
Dining pleasure... 

~ Brat~

Carls Sourdough Starter Recipe

In my adventures around the internet looking at Sourdough Recipes, 
I came a cross this site where you can send for a sample of a starter from the
Oregon Trail that has been kept alive by people for many years.

All you need to do is send a self addressed stamped business sized 
Envelope, and they will send you a dried sample with instructions on bringing it back to life.

This starter has been kept active for over 150 years.
And has been sent by requests, for over 80 years free of charge.

This is a community effort now that Carl passed away...

Oregon Trail Sourdough Sample

I think I'll send for a sample and see how it differs from mine...

Happy Sourdough Trails... 

~ Brat~

Monday, September 22, 2014

Having Fun With Sourdough

Well this past week I have been babysitting a lot....
Like constantly.  Feeding every 8 to 12 hours... keeping close supervision
On my baby, because I want it to grow strong, and get bigger...

Well my baby is healthy, and active, and has already given birth!!!

My baby is a beautiful bubbling Sourdough Starter....

Yes, yes, I know... your not as excited as me, but this is an awesome thing
To behold... something from my childhood years growing up in Alaska.

Sourdough pancakes were Devine, and people carefully cared for their Sourdough
 starters for years.  Some Starters could be traced back a hundred years or more.

I finally created a successful Starter that has great taste, and is active and happy
Living in my kitchen in a mason jar on my stove.  It gets fed and bubbles away
Happily, waiting to become bread, or English muffins, or pancakes or waffles...

I have been going back through my cookbooks, and familiarizing my self with
The world of Sourdough... It has Been a fun adventure.

My first try out of the Sourdough Jug was Crockpot Sourdough Bread.
It baked in my 2.5 quart Crock pot, and it turned out really flavorful.
Definitely a first attempt  success!!!

This is the website that helped inspire me to give Sourdough
A try again, and also taught me that I can use my crockpot to bake bread!!!

This website also had the recipe and instructions for starting my 
Sourdough Starter. Here is the link below.

This is what a Starter looks like when it is happy and well fed!
This is from the link.  

Mine looks pretty much the same, only it lives in a mason jar...

Now what to do with all the extra Starter.... A person can only eat so much 
Bread, pancakes and waffles....

The fun part about this bread, is that I am making it from the no knead artisan method.
So even if you don't have a kitchen Aid, or have bulging muscles, you can still
Make fantastic bread with very little effort....

You just have to be very patient and let the bread just sit in a warm place...
Hanging out, bubbling away for 12 to 18 hours.... 
It takes another couple hours in second rising and baking.
But it really is easy and forgiving on the time table.

I'll post more links as I make my way on my Sourdough journey....

If anyone local wants some starter, just let me know..

I have plenty, each and every day, bubbling away....

~ Brat~

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prayer Walk Revisited

Reflections on the Prayer Walk

We had such a touching evening at our women's ministry event.

The prayer walk was a fun experience to plan and facilitate for our
Ladies in the church.

There were some very inspirational activities, quiet contemplation, and creative communications with God over the whole evening.

Jesus is the light of the world, and Healing Hearts activities....

Here I am just finishing setup, and prepping for the evening. 
Getting a head start on some of the activities.
I was surprised at the things God brought to mind in this activity, things I
Thought had been settled and put to sleep forever, but I trust in the Lord, so I 
Used the Healing Hearts activity in the way the Lord led me to.

We are not alone in this walk through life... every Christian stands together to shine
In this darkened world... It is a good reminder... and one we need as fellow 
Women, wives, mothers and Christians....

Praise him, or the rocks will cry out and praise Him...
Jesus is the great Healer...

Wonderful time of Creative Prayer Journaling....

I enjoyed the comforting companionship of the other ladies as I talked with God 
Through writing in my journal.  Listening to what he wanted me to take from this night...

As I shared with the women at the end of the night, 
the Lord kept telling me Grace & Mercy.....
He really wanted me to meditate on these two actions....

There was more he kept telling me, private things I struggle with that he is
Still working with me on.... I know that he knows my heart, and he knows my struggles.
It is very comforting.

I loved seeing friends and other women sitting reverently spending time 
With God and Journaling there thoughts and prayers to our Lord and Savior...
It was a very powerful experience....

One of the activities to remind you to pray..... 
Creativity at its finest.
Found on pinterest and modified to fit our purpose.

This was one of my favorite stations.... and it was revisited through the night.
I love that when there wasn't enough R tiles, someone made some 
Out of paper and ripped them into a square shape to fit the board...
Creative and obedient to the Lord's prompting.

These are powerful words of God working in these ladies hearts and minds, and 
In their personal walk with the Lord..
It was such a privilege to serve our women's ministry with this evening.
Many months of research, and creative planning and shopping, and time
Spent talking with God about my plans.... what an amazing opportunity
The Lord let me facilitate...

I am hoping to be able to do this again soon for our church....
I even have a bunch more activities planned, so anyone whom already
Participated Will have new experiences to work through.

Praise be to God for this experience...

Grace & Mercy & Manny Blessings to you all.....

~ Brat~

P.S.  Thank you to my daughter for taking these photos.  
In all the craziness of planning and packing for this evening, I forgot
 To bring my camera....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Bible Study Starting Tomorrow

Tomorrow September 15th, a new Bible Study is 
starting on the websiteShe Reads Truth.  
I have thoroughly enjoyed my
Study of Hosea from the site over the last two weeks.

The next study is focusing on opening your 
bible and spendingTime with God.  

This study will be free on the Apple app, And free 
on the She Reads Truth website with
Printable study sheets to go along with the lesson plan.

If you are looking for a daily bible study or devotion, 
I challenge you to click on the link and give it a try.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Zucchini Lasagna

We still have zucchini to eat up, so today I made Zucchini Lasagna

I sliced the Zucchini in 1/8th inch diagonal slices, and used
Them in place of the lasagna noodles.

I sliced a bunch of zucchini, and placed them in layers in the pan I 
Planned to use, so I knew how much I needed to make 3 layers.

So since this doesn't have noodles, this is 
perfect for gluten free diets.

Zucchini Lasagna

1-2 large zucchini sliced into 1/8th inch slices

1 32oz container low fat ricotta cheese
2 eggs beaten
1 cup parmesan cheese
Italian seasoning, garlic, onion powder,basil, to your taste specification

2 to 3 cups mozzarella ( low fat if you like ) divided 1 cup for top layer.

1 lb ground turkey, cooked and crumbled, Add while cooking: basil, garlic, sage, coriander, salt and pepper, allspice, onion powder ( you could also add a chopped onion while cooking the turkey if you want )

1 jar marinara sauce

This needs to be made in a lasagna pan, or a pan a little larger than a 9x13

Put 1/2 cup of sauce in bottom of pan.
Add Layer of zucchini trying to cover whole surface of pan.
Continue to layer ingredients.
Layers:1/2 of ricotta, zucchini, meat, sauce, 1/2 of mozzarella, using up your ingredients as layers, and ending with sauce, and then rest of the mozzarella as the very last layer.

Bake 375 degrees for about an hour. Or until nice and bubbly.

Let cool for 20 to 30 min to set if possible.

This is baking right now and it looks divine...

**This was good, it does have a lot of moisture in bottom of pan, we just used a slotted spoon to serve it and left the extra moisture in the pan. 

It was really good.... and will definitely make it again.

I had intended to put mushrooms in this lasagna since they were on sale, but in putting together the lasagna, I overlooked the mushrooms sitting there on the counter.  You could also add a layer eggplant, or of spinach, or fresh basil leaves.

Hope you enjoy!

~ Brat~

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Prayer Walk

This coming Monday night, I am doing an interactive
Prayer walk for our women's ministry.

I have participated in these several times, but this time I'm in 
Charge of the whole thing, and I'm really excited about it.

I have spent months doing research, and planning, and getting
All the ideas ready for an evening of prayer through creative activities.

The ladies will go from station to station throughout the night
Focusing on God through prayer and hands on crafts, journaling, 
And activities meant to draw their relationship with 
God closer over the evening.

Some of the activities include tying knots, writing with chalk, mirrors,
Bandaids, water, a clock, puzzle pieces, buttons, flour, candles,
Markers, pottery, and a lot more...

Did I say I'm excited???

This Monday September 15, 2014

Any and all ladies are invited to this women's ministry event.

Contact me if you need more information, or if you
Would be interested in hearing more about this night with
The idea of doing it at Your church or ladies retreat...

It's going to be a great night!!!


She Reads Truth

I am really enjoying my bible study from She Reads Truth website,
We have been studying Hosea....

Hosea is full of truth and conviction, and reminds me that the Times we live in are pretty similar to what is going on in Hoses.  People forgetting who their God is, turning their backs on what is right and true and moral.  God loves each and everyone he created, even when they follow an evil path, and he patiently awaits our return to him.

These lessons are short, but so full of topics for reflection on your life and the
Choices we make each day.  There is so much to contemplate from Hosea....

She Reads Truth has many past studies also, which are really good as well

The next study on the site will be on studying your bible, and will have
New printable study guide sheets.

Follow the link below to learn more about the next study starting
September 15, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chai Banana bread

This is a picture of me and my oldest on a visit to
One of our favorite coffee and tea shops.
I usually get my loose leaf Chai Tea from them each year
Around this time of year in preparation for fall.

I was writing a blog post on my favorite food blogs today,  
And I stumbled on this recipe...

It sounds amazing, and no matter how we try to plan,  we always have
 ripe bananas that need to be baked or cooked or used in 
smoothies, sitting in our kitchen.

I will have to get cardamom before I can make it, but as soon as I do
I will be baking up a loaf of this wonderful sounding bread.

I love Chai flavored tea, so I'm sure I will love this recipe.

Link to recipe

The fall season is almost here....

Baking will begin, and pots of tea will be warming and ready to savor....
Hmmm, which teacup to choose to start the season off right???


~ Brat~

Green Beans Potatoes and Sausage

This is an old favorite that my friend makes during the
Colder months.  It really hits the spot when you get home
From church on a cold and crisp fall or winter day.

It makes the house smell wonderful and has a great taste.
It is easy to throw into a crockpot, or roaster.

We do it a bit differently from the link, in that we add all ingredients
Before leaving for church, and not adding the sausage later.

Add some fresh bread and butter and this is absolutely delicious.

Make sure you use a good quality sausage for best flavor.

This is a link to the basic recipe that I found while on the web.

Here is the link to the recipe

Hope you like this recipe, it is a great recipe to serve a crowd, 
Or just to feed for a few.  

 It really is yummy, and filling.

~ Brat~

Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Bake.... It's what's for dinner

Here is the link to the original recipe

This is what is for dinner tonight...

Of course I can't follow a recipe, so I have to add my own twist
To even every thing I make.

Adding bratwurst, mushrooms, onions to the mix.

Maybe even sprinkle a little Feta Cheese on top
 with the fresh basil.

Can't wait to see how it turns out...

Going to bake it up and deliver some to my daughter at the gym
For dinner while she's working tonight...

It's a great way to use up the last of the garden veggies 
That are still growing in the garden.

 Don't want those vegetables to go to waste..

~ Brat~

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Crisp Apple Pecan Salad

Going through my e-mail today and I came across this recipe, and it 
just made my mouth water!!

Grocery shopping last week at my favorite grocery store over in Ohio, had me purchasing quinoa at the request of my darling daughter.

We keep coming across recipes that need quinoa, and we had never thought
 to buy it.  So now that the pantry is stocked with that ingredient, we can make one or more of the recipes that we keep pinning on our 
pinterest boards and move it into the "we made this category".

I am subscribed to Sugar Dish Me, 
 the website where I found this beautiful Salad.

She really has some amazing recipes on her site, and
The pictures of her food really make your mouth water....

Link to this beautiful looking Salad and the recipe for it.

I'm thinking this might be good with a nice juicy pear 
in place of the Apple, Or maybe a nectarine..... 
I just can't seem to follow a recipe the way it is written...

Oh the possibilities....

Quinoa, here we come, with our attempt to use you successfully
In our recipe adventure.

~ Brat~

Monday, September 1, 2014

Thoughts From My Devotions

In reading Hosea 1-4, these things spoke to me

1. God never said the right thing or way would be easy...

2. God gave his son up to death, even while we were no good to him (we were and still are sinners), because he loves us.

3. Acting with force is not acting in the way of the Lord, God is Love and
 force is not love.

4.  I cherish idols, in all areas of my life...... yet God Cherishes me....

5.  I need to "Let" God work in me....

6.  I am an ungrateful bride of Christ.....

Some thought provoking things I'm working on processing...

Hosea is a book that really makes you think about where you stand with God and your relationship with Him...

Italian Themed Surprise Party

My daughter help plan a beautiful surprise birthday party for a friend at her place, with the theme of an Italian Garden party.... they put a lot of time and effort into making this event happen.... and it was a great success!

Happy birthday to beautiful Aliza, and Italian soda bar...

Appetizer course with bread and dipping oil, olives, mozzarella and basil, cheeses, grapes, and 2 feet tall breadsticks freshly baked at our favorite Italian grocery store...

Cozy seating in Stephanie' s back yard...

Happy birthday in Italian of course!

Everything was delicious

And as it got dark, candlelight made everything a little more intimate..

And then it was time for the Dessert course......

Blowing out the candles!!!

These ladies are such a joy to know, and love.
Each and every one is absolutely amazing, and I am so blessed to have them
In my life.  Spending time with them is always filled with laughter
And great conversation.  Never a dull moment when we get together...
Love them lots!!

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