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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bridal Showers, a wonderful way to celebrate a Bride and Groom

My daughter was blessed by having two bridal showers, and the bridal showers were both a wonderful experience for Stephanie and us as we planned and executed the events.  Both were beautiful, and attended by loved ones and family, and both had some very wonderful elements that made them special, but the thing that made them the best is that they were both for my beautiful daughter Stephanie! This is about the California shower.... the Pennsylvania shower will be for another post....

Last summer we had a shower in California so that all our west coast friends and family could help in celebrating with Stephanie on the great event of her wedding.  A wonderful friend allowed us to hold the shower in her beautiful home.  Thanks Leslie!!!

Some of the Delightful food that Savannah, Nene(my mother) 
and I prepared for the shower

Stephanie with some of our lovely collection 
of teacups we have in California... There is Nene in the background cooking

One of the best parts of having the shower in California while we were there, is that we were able to share this day with two very special women, that have been such an impact on my life, and also the girls.  We were able to share this day with my two of my Grandmothers, Sally and Beulah.  Two very wonderful ladies that have been such a blessing to us in so many ways.

Stephanie and Nene's mother, grandma Sally.
She is such a  wonderful Lady

Grandma Beulah, My Dads mother, and the Matriarch of our family.
She is definitely a force to be reckoned with
We were so glad that Danny made it through the
 interview process and passed!

Our princess opening some presents, Locally made
soap from Grass Valley California

Pearl earrings from Grandma Sally.
 Stephanie has a passion for pearls.

The shower was so beautiful, Savannah, my mom and I did a great job in making Stephanie feel like a princess.  In our Family that is her rightful honor, self proclaimed as a child and It has remained so her whole life.  We warned Danny that she was royalty, but he still loves here anyway...  What a wonderful day it was to celebrate a great new adventure for Stephanie.

Savannah did most of the work for this shower, planning, baking, decorating, cooking... she is a powerhouse when it comes to party planning.  She has a passion for that kind of thing, and everything she touches comes out wonderful.  She is such a joy to us, and keeps us in stitches with her crazy ways, but that is what we love about her.  

Savannah and Stephanie, my beautiful daughters!

The funniest part about this shower, were the balloons...... Balloons, you say.... Well, in our family, balloons say "I love you and I want to show it". All along in the planning, balloons were a major part of the decorations and such.  We planned on putting balloons along the road to the event,a cheery way to say this is the way, and since it was out in the country, and people were coming from all over, and most had not been there before.  Any way... Balloons were part of the center of our theme.  Then, one week before the shower, we started calling, and checking into prices for balloons.  Store after store told us the same thing...... there was a helium shortage, and they could not help us.  We tried in 3 different cities, countless different stores, hoping and hoping that one place would have helium.  You won't believe how many places actually sell balloons usually.... and not a one could help us.  Who ever heard of a helium shortage!!! Well, the shower was a success even if we didn't have a single floating balloon at the party..... we did however still have balloons, they were just floating the opposite direction.... in other words, they were hanging down, instead of up!  It was still beautiful and we still had balloons, just not the floating kind....

The Wonderfully Beautiful Couple,
Daniel and Stephanie...
We are so happy for Stephanie, and Daniel.... Yes, His name is Daniel, like his father, and his father's father, and Stephanie's father, and Stephanie's cousin, and Stephanie's other cousins husband, and then there is also my cousin Danny..... do you see a pattern here...... hehehe....  Oh well... we will keep him anyway...

Have a Blessed Day



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