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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Praying for your children's future spouse....

Since the time my daughters were just little babies, I have been diligent to pray for the future spouses of my two daughters.

It has been something I have done for over twenty years now.... I remember holding and rocking my little bundles of joy, and looking at them with love and devotion, and wondering about their futures.

God put a constant desire in my heart to pray for the men that would some day enter into my daughters lives, and decide to share forever with them.  I also prayed for the parents of those young men, prayed that they were raising them in a Godly fashion, and teaching them to be men of God.

It is so awesome to know that half of my prayers have been answered, with the marriage of my oldest daughter, I could not have asked for a better match for her or found a better family for her to join, God blessed me and the new couple so very much, it is so wonderful to see answered prayers.

I continue to pray for the other young man and his family, who ever he might be.... only God knows at this time, but it just keeps me praying for him and his family.  I pray that they are encouraging him to be an awesome man of God, for nothing less Will do for my girl since her desires are set in stone, and her standards are high.  He must love the Lord with all his heart, and soul, God comes first and foremost in her life.  

It is kind of exciting to see God answer your prayers, the ones you diligently pray for, worry over, cry over.... to see the work God has done in the lives of people you know and love..

I hope everyone takes the opportunity to do the same and seriously pray for the spouse of your children or grand children.  It is never to early to start or too late.  

When you finally realize who that person is, it brings such joy to your heart.... 

for years I had the desire to pray for Danny specifically.... not knowing that some day he would make my daughter his wife.... And at those times when God brought him to mind, it was Times when he truly needed prayer, things in his life were not going as they should, and I remember praying for him and his safety.... talking to him years later, it was some very difficult times in his life and prayer got him through.

Prayer is the direct path to the presence of God, it draws you closer and brings an intimacy that is like nothing else.  Prayer for your children's spouses, is the best way to insure that their future will be on the right path..... of course  some times they don't take the path you have prayed for, but God will still be in control of that situation too.... Prayer never is waisted....

One day I will know who I am praying for so very dearly.... some day I will look into his smiling face and know that I had something to do with his being protected and covered in prayer his entire life... I'll be able to thank his family for helping him to grow in Godly wisdom, his entire life....thank them for helping him to become the love of my daughters life..  that day will be an answer to many years of prayer..... And I will still keep praying, because that's what mommies do......


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