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Monday, April 22, 2013

Life, a journey of gifts

Do you ever wonder why you are taking the path that God has placed you on? Some times, as we are traveling without sight of the goal, it can be very tiring and disheartening.  But as we walk down the path, looking constantly for the goal, we miss all the beautiful sights along the way that God has left for us as precious gifts. He knows the outcome, and the trials it will take to arrive there, and because of that insight, he leaves wonderful gifts for us along the way to encourage us and keep us moving in the right direction.  But so often we are so focused on where we are going, we forget to enjoy the journey. We forget to take the time to thank God for all the little joys that he blesses us with each and every day.  Some times the journey is the goal, and some times He has a greater plan for us than we ever imagined.  Don't miss all His blessings along the way and miss out on some of the most precious times of your life. Remember he loves you greatly and wants the best for you, Don't miss out on the whole picture and get too focused on the end goal..... the journey there is also a gift.


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