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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reminiscing about Spring and Home Schooling......

Well it seems like spring has finally arrived here in our little corner of western Pennsylvania... daffodils in all their glory are shining there little faces up to God, bright and beautiful.  tulips are bright and cheerful....bits of happiness to catch your eye as you drive by.  It is this time of year that I loved our time home schooling so much.  All of God's creation begging to be noticed and enjoyed.

Nature studies in the parks, bird watching and nature journaling.  We spent so many hours out experiencing nature as a family and with friends that it seems odd to not be doing it any more.  Yes, there were many Happy memories spent while home schooling, out learning about our beautiful world.

 Went for a hike a couple of weeks ago, and it brought back many memories of previous hikes, although this time we didn't need to document everything for our portfolios.  Of course it didn't stop me from noticing all the new spring flowers pushing their little heads out of the crisp fall leaves laying on the forest floor, trying to remember the names of them.  I know one was a spring beauty, which one I'm not sure. I guess all those years of learning didn't quite stick when it came to flower names....

What a beautiful time of year to acknowledge Gods beautiful creation outside.  Take the time to take a stroll through the park and enjoy Gods continued gift of spring.  And if your really adventurous, take a nature journal with you and jot down your observations.  A field guide is always  a good thing  to take along too.

Don't get so wrapped up in life that you forget to stop and enjoy the beautifully simple things of God's creation, his precious gift to us.  And maybe, if you can, you could share it with someone who you love....

Happy Spring!


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