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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

welcome to my visitors from around the globe

Welcome to my little place on the internet!

It always makes me smile to look and see where my blog is being read.

This week, America is in the lead, but several other countries have popped in to take a moment to read the blog.

This week we have also been visited by.......Isreal, Netherlands, Poland, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Serbia!

Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing part of you precious time by reading my blog...

I hope you enjoy my words of encouragement, and my family recipes!  

Every recipe I share is because we love it and make for our family... And I hope you will share them with your family too.

Take the time today to make someone smile, smiling is contagious, and happiness is something everyone can use more of!

Have a blessed day!


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