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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bridal Shower filled with Love and Friends ~Part 1~

What a wonderful time we had in celebrating my daughters upcoming wedding.... The invitations went out, all pretty and pink... cute little white doily dresses with little pink bows.... 
Friends traveled from Michigan to help us get things ready, and be the power house of the kitchen.  It was a wonderful time to honor Stephanie and her fiance Danny.

two of our helpers from Michigan

The color scheme was pink and yellow and coral, the same colors of her wedding... Lots of bright bold colors, like her personality.  And for this shower, we were able to get balloons that would actually float (previous post talks about our balloon fiasco in California).  

Bright and cheery color scheme... and the balloons doing what they are supposed to do!

One of the fun things we did at the shower was to have a Smash Book as our guest book and scrap book.  We provided a large selection of scrapbook supplies and had instructions on what to do.  Guests were asked to place their name on a butterfly and glue it into the book on any page they chose.  They were also encouraged to write personal notes to the bride, write helpful hints for marriage, give date night ideas, and be as creative as they wanted.

The finished product was absolutely wonderful, and there are enough spaces left to put pictures from the shower on unused pages.  It has some really precious entries from all of the guests.  Young and old were able to use their creativity to have fun and make a memory for the bride.
It was a great way to fill in the time that was idle so that no one got board, or felt like they had to just sit and wait for the next activity.  It was nice to see that the table was occupied the whole afternoon, and that people were really having a wonderful time making their entries.


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