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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Being Creative??

Rainy summer day here.....

love spending time with my bible and a good cup of 
coffee on the front porch in the morning
when it is not too rainy....

Yesterday I spent some time painting with water colors
kind of fun....

Wanting to be more creative..... Summer time is
for having fun, and doing things, and experiencing things
new and adventurous...

I'm in the mood to be creative in Gods Creation.

Give praise to the Lord who creates beauty
all around you....

What are you doing this summer to be creative 
and enjoy the beauty of summer?

I am thinking of working on a Bible art Journal....

I'll post pictures if I actually get some pages done, 
there are so many examples on pinterest and Instagram, 
it really inspires me to dig into Gods word, and
be creative in the process....

Hope you have a Blessed, and creative weekend.



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