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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Bible Studies

I am loving my bible studies this summer.....

I am doing two, and both of them meet different needs that 
I have in a bible study.

The first (Psalm 119) has a printable study that you 
work on and use the SOAK method, which gets you
studying and thinking about what it means in your
life, and how God is speaking to you through it.
I usually start off in the morning, reading the required verses, 
write out the the study verse, and think about it all day...
At the end of the day, I journal, and finish the application 
part of the study and re-ponder the verses of the day....

The second study I am thoroughly enjoying is from  It is a study Called
 Women in the Word.

I starts with Eve, and goes through the bible 
old and new testaments.
They have interactive posting, so you can share your
heart with all the other precious women that are doing the
study with you.
The daily bible reading and devotionals are so heart felt
and have been such a blessing to my life...

You can jump in and start on the current day, or go back
and start at the beginning with Eve...  
All content is online.  A new devotional each day, and corresponding bible passages.... 

I just love taking my bible study and my cup of Coffee
out on the porch in the morning and listening to the birds
chirping, and the leaves blowing in the breeze while I read
and study Gods word....  It sets my day off to a perfect and
refreshing beginning.....

Here are links to both studies...

I hope you will take a look and dig into the 
Word Of God this summer....


Thanks so much for stopping by....

Have a Blessed Day...




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