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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Chong's Korean

We have been enjoying some of the local shops
in the area during construction on the to help
support them since most people don't wan to brave the construction zone to visit the local shops.

Chong's Korean Barbecue is amazing, 
and run by an amazing woman that does everything
by her self.  She greats you, takes you order, cooks and 
serves you with a smile....

This is the Korean version of sushi.... It is 
completely delicious and has no raw meat 
for the squeamish...


This is my Hubby's favorite, the Korean barbecue
with white rice and a delicious salad of spinach greens
tossed with a soy sauce based dressing..... Yum!!!

"Taegi Gogi"

This is what I tried this time, since I had heard
so many people order this over the phone while
we have sat there waiting for our food to arrive...
It was really good...but everything we have 
ordered we have liked.
This had cooked ingredients and some 
raw vegies in this, on a bed of rice...
She instructed me to toss it together before
I ate it.  There is also a Fried egg over easy 
on top that added a pretty neat taste to the dish.

"Bibimbap with Pork"

This is my hubby threatening to eat the food
before I can take a picture of it....
Quite the funny guy.  He was pretty hungry though
so I don't blame him of wanting to 
dig right in and eat... 
Actually, when the food came I had this dish with
chicken, and it had such a great wafting scent coming
my way that I forgot to take a picture of my food
and started eating it right away, and completely forgot to
take a picture of my plate...  

Oh Goodness.... 
Now I am craving this food!!
And I can't justify going there all by my self


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