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Monday, February 3, 2014

Banana Split Icebox Dessert

Banana Split Icebox Dessert from Taste of Home Magazine

Direct link to the recipe

Doesn't this look yummy?
I am thinking of making this for our Valentine's Dinner at Church.
I think it would look beautiful displayed on the dessert table.

I have a really pretty antique oval platter with roses all over it that I think 
would look beautiful with this sitting in the middle of it. A beautiful dessert on a romantic looking platter.... presentation makes such a difference with 
food, especially with desserts.

I think I will add some other ingredients too, like Carmel sauce, chocolate chips, maybe strawberry sauce, maybe switch up some chocolate Graham crackers for the plain ones....  because more chocolate is always better.

I really can't wait for this event. 

The dinner is a fund raiser for our youth group, and it is always an 
amazing night with wonderful food and amazing desserts,
all served by our awesome youth from the church...

The fellowship, food and entertainment for the night is always a 
highlight to the Valentine's Day Holliday.

I know I will be making at least 2 desserts for this event......  I just can't not make and bake for this event.... I'm too excited!

So many choices of great things to make...

And then I'll have to choose which ones to try at the dinner.... oh dear, this is going to be really tough to make that decision!

If only they were all calorie free, then I wouldn't have to choose!



Heather Thornton said...

This dessert was a Huge Hit at the sweethearts dinner. It was so easy to make, and tasted amazing. It about 8 hours in advance so that it could soften and set-up. I used big chunks of bananas, probably twice what the recipe called for. Used chocolate Graham crackers and regular Graham crackers. Topped it off with a big amount of whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, Carmel sauce, drizzled all over the top! It was gorgeous, and tasted fantastic! Will definitely be making this again!

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