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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Orams Donuts

People from all over the country come to get these donuts. 
They are famous here in our little community, and people come to
Get some whenever they come back home to the area.
Once you have eaten them, you'll understand how special they are.

There are many kinds of donuts to choose, cake or raised, filled or glazed.... 
but the big demand is for the cinnamon rolls.

Some people call them cinnamon rolls, some call them sinkers, some call them hubcaps.... but we called them delicious, especially when made into
 French Toast.

My darling daughter made us breakfast last week for dinner one night, and she made us French Toast using the amazing cinnamon rolls from Orams.

They were really good, and was a great use for the day old pastries that 
we had.  It would have been a shame to waist them so we tried
Them in a new way.

She sliced the rolls in half, dipped them in beaten eggs and milk with a 
dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Cooked them on a medium hot skillet until nicely brown.  We drizzled a little syrup over the top of it 
(you don't need much since they are sweet enough).

They were very yummy and smelled Divine while being cooked.

If you have a chance you should try them.... you won't be disappointed.

Go early in the day, they open at 5:00 am. And the cinnamon rolls are frequently all gone by about 10:00am. They are closed on Sunday.

Hope you enjoy!

~ Brat ~


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