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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Zuppa Tuscana Recipe

Recently I had a computer issue, that resulted in me turning on my computer, 
and all my documents, music and photos were missing from my computer, as well as a 
lot of programs that I use a lot.  My biggest sadness was in loosing 
all my documents that I had added over the past year.  
This included everything from the wedding this past summer, wedding printables, 
addresses, labels, etc.  Then I realized all my recipes were missing too, and that made 
me really sad.  I still had most of them backed up on a hard drive, 
but everything from the past year was lost to me....

 I felt like I had lost one of my children.  

Well, I finally located the files on my computer, everything except my music, 
and I am sure it is hiding in there somewhere, but I am not too torn up about that
 because there is always Spotify to listen too... 

 I am very happy to have all my homeschooling files, recipes, and documents 
back to being accessible on my computer.  

Note to self... remember to back up important things to hard drive on 
continual basis!  Never want to go through that again.

Here is one of my favorite Soup recipes to share with you.


Zuppa Tuscana                   Alaskan Brat

1 ½ Lb. good quality Sausage – cook, (set aside) 
1 Onion chopped
*½ Green pepper or red pepper  chopped (optional)
2 Stalks Celery minced
1 or 2 carrots Grated or sliced very thin.
 2 tsp. Olive oil
saute veggies with olive oil in bottom of soup pot 

Add to soup pot:

1, 32 OZ Chicken broth
32 OZ water
2 T Chicken soup base or bullion
1 T Canadian steak seasoning 
4 C Sliced red potatoes, (about 1/2 bag) 
Add potatoes – return to boil and cook for 15 min.

when potatoes are tender:

½ Bunch of Kale about 4 cups – (wash, remove stems then chop) 
Add Kale – cook 10 min 

Add Half and half ----- (turn to warm do no boil) 
2 C Half and Half or heavy cream

Serve with crusty bread, fresh ground black pepper  and grated Parmesan cheese.. 

When reheating, do not bring to boil, or the milk solids with separate......


This is the basic recipe... of course I never follow it the same way twice... I just can't seem to follow a recipe exactly like it is written, I will add more potatoes, or kale. It is really an easy recipe, and doesn't have to be followed exactly. 

I usually add more kale and Potatoes on the second day, because it seems that the chunky parts of the soup get to be gone before all the broth, so I always toss in more Kale when I reheat this, and microwave a couple of potatoes, slice them and toss them in too. 

 It is always better the second day.... if it makes it that long....

Hope you enjoy!



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