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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Over Night Steel Cut Oats

Our family loves breakfast... 
And they say It is the most important meal of the day.  
Most days you will find in our refrigerator a container of steel cut oats, cooked and ready to be reheated.  I usually make a big batch once a week, and we reheat it all week long.  It is really simple to make over night, and it comes out perfect each time, and doesn't burn, or stick to the pan, or over cook....

Steel Cut Oats (not quick) 

Follow the ratio on container, 
I know my container says 1 cup oats to 4 cups water, 
this should be pretty much universal, but I have seen the ratio of 1 cup SC-Oats to 3 cups water also so check your package.
I usually use my 5 quart pot, and make a double batch of this, 
so I use 2 cups of Oats to 8 cups of water.  

Bring your water to a boil, and add the steel cut oats, and then stir.  
Turn off heat, add a dash of salt (I like Sea Salt), 
put a lid on the pot and leave over night on the burner of the stove.

I usually make this Saturday night around 10 or 11pm before we go to bed, 
and it is still slightly warm when we wake up around 7 or 8 am. 
Just give it a stir, and it is ready to serve.
It will be done in as little as about 4 hours if needed.

Both my husband and daughter like to eat their oatmeal on the 
savory side, by frying an egg or two to a nice medium runny center 
and putting them on top of the oatmeal with some salt and pepper. 
It is good with a few strips of bacon or sausage this way too.

Now me,  I have to be different, I only like my grits on the savory side, 
I like and prefer the sweet side of oatmeal for breakfast. 
 I like to put some brown sugar and a dash of nutmeg on top and let 
it melt all over it.  It is just the perfect way for me. 
You don't need any butter since the Steel cut oats are really creamy and 
don't need it, but if you are a Butter lover  I suppose you could put a 
dab on top too.

Additions to Flavor your Oatmeal:
Choose your favorite flavors, and make your bowl to your liking, 
for a group of hungry people, you could have an assortment of toppings, 
and let everyone be creative and add their favorites before 
they eat or reheat. 

Bananas, chocolate chips, berries, raisins, chopped apples, coconut, 
Pie filling, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, flavored extracts, Maple syrup, Molasses, coco powder, apple sauce, walnuts, pecans,
 slivered almonds, peanuts, marshmallows and Graham cracker crumbs,
Jelly(strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, marmalade)
Cranberries, canned peaches, dried apples, Dried Apricots,
 Milk, creamer, half and half, almond milk, chocolate milk ....
Cooked and crumbled bacon, cooked sausage, fried eggs, hot sauce....


Helpful Tip:
If you stored all the topping ingredients in mason jars in a specific place in your cupboard, it would become a breakfast station for the family to help theirselves to make a healthy and yummy hearty breakfast.  It would encourage them to start the day in a healthy way.
(Non perishable/refrigerated ingredients)


I made Pumpkin Pie flavored oats this winter, by adding a small can of pumpkin 
and pumpkin pie spice to the pot with 1 cup of oats and 4 cups of water, and that was just like eating hot pumpkin pie... I put a little vanilla coffee creamer on top and some brown sugar...
 it was heavenly...

I am pretty sure it would also taste good with warm Apple pie filling added
 to it....and some cinnamon and brown sugar sprinkled on top...
Might have to try that...

I hope that you enjoy your breakfast Oatmeal... 
Let me know if you try it and if you have any more favorite toppings that I might have forgotten to mention.



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