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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekend Cookie Baking hits the spot

I had the privilege of baking cookies for a wonderful wedding this past weekend.

I tried out 2 new recipes, and both were supper yummy and considered keepers.

The first cookie mixes three of my favorite cookies together; Oatmeal, Peanut butter, and White chocolate chip (macadamia).  They are chewy and moist and flavorful.  Pop them in the microwave a couple days later and they taste like they just came out of the oven.  This blogger has an amazing recipe, you need to click the link and try these.  I made a double batch and I'm so glad I did.... Heavenly....

And the other cookie was a cheesecake cookie.... it was so moist and flavor filled.  I did change this recipe a bit though..... I rolled the balls of dough in finely crushed graham crackers.  It helped to make them taste more like cheesecake. It is more moist than your traditional thumbprint cookie. The recipe doesn't make many, I think 2 dozen, and it does need to chill thoroughly.  I put it in the freezer while I was making the previous mentioned cookie, then I  placed it in the refrigerator until I had time to make them.  They don't spread much so you can fill your tray up nicely and can get them baked quickly.  I really like the fact that they only take 5 ingredients.

Definitely make these cookies, you will not be disappointed!!

~Have a Blessed Day~



Anonymous said...

Hi---So glad to seen you're posting again!!!! Your fan club is glad you're back. I tried the first cookie at the wedding and it was exceptional---thank you for making them!!! It was nice to chat with you and your family at the wedding.

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