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Friday, January 24, 2014

Boston Cream Poke Cake and Other Ideas

My Daughter has an event to go to tonight and is making this cake to take with her..... 

We have been thinking about this cake since I found the recipe on my Facebook page.

It looks divine, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.  

I am hoping there is a piece or two left over so that she brings some
 home for me to try.  

My favorite Doughnut is one of these so I can imaging how wonderful 
it should taste...

It is really simple, and is another version of a Poke Cake.  

We usually make this cake with white cake mix and pour Lemon pudding into the holes and add whipped cream to the top, or white cake with 
Danish Delight poured over the top with whipped cream topping.

In the summer, it is fun to make this kind of cake with pouring Jello over the cake, and seeing how pretty the Jello seeps into the cake when you cut into it... So many possibilities with this kind of recipe.

The basics of a poke cake is that you bake your cake, then poke holes all over the top of the cake with a chopstick, or a wooden spoon handle when it comes out of the oven.  You then pour something over the cake and it oozes down into the holes and brings the pudding, or jello, or what ever down into the cake, making the flavors and texture different from an regular cake.  When you cut into it, the layers are pretty to look at, and taste wonderful.  They are traditionally a cake that you keep refrigerated.

Poke Cake Variations:

White Cake:
  • Lemon pudding with whipped cream topping
  • Chocolate pudding with whipped cream topping
  • Banana pudding with whipped cream topping  
  • Coconut cream pudding, graham cracker crumb layer, and whipped cream
  • Jello, and whipped cream topping
  • Danish delight (kind of like a mixture of jello and pudding) with whipped cream 

Chocolate Cake:
  • chocolate pudding and whipped cream topping
  • Caramel ice-cream topping, heath chips or chocolate chips and whipped cream
  • Vanilla pudding, chocolate sauce, whipped cream

This is just what comes to mind when I think about it.  
I am sure there are hundreds of possibilities...

This is my absolutely favorite ingredient for Poke Cakes and 
it comes in Raspberry and Strawberry.

Is there a poke cake recipe that you make?  Share with me what kind you make... I am always looking for new ideas!

here is the link to the original recipe in the first picture


Heather Thornton said...

Ok, I finally ate a piece of this cake today, and even with being two days old, it was really good! It was so moist, and the chocolate layer was perfect. Definitely go for the two boxes of pudding, we made it on a 9x13 pan. Definitely a keeper recipe! Thanks Nan for making this! Yummy........

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather--I've missed your posts and was so excited to check today and see that you have been posting most of January. Yipppeee--you made my day!!!! Now I get to play catch up and read all of the ones from this month. Thank you, I really enjoy your blog and was a bit worried when you weren't posting. Glad to see you back!!!! Maureen P. Yes, you know me!!!

Heather Thornton said...

Thanks Maureen.... It is good to be back blogging.... Thankfully a friend mentioned that it had been a while since I had posted, I hadn't realized I had been neglecting the blog for so long.... hope you enjoy the posts, and find something to make your day brighter!

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