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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Am I a bad person for destroying some books?

Let me start out by saying I love books..... and I was raised to put great reverence in the written word.  Books are very special to me, and I love them.

Over the past year, my daughters wedding has caused me to destroy several books in the process of making things to use for her wedding and her showers, as well as her bachorlette party.

It is the hardest thing to find a book that I feel right about destroying, because I have been raised to take great care of books, and not to do anything that would hurt them.

Well.... I have succeeded in destroying 4 books so far.  One cookbook, one novel, a book of worship songs, a vocabulary book, and the last one is a book on flower crafts.

I loved using the interesting media source for sewing, but it was very hard to make myself rip pages out of a book.  I was raised to revere books and to treat them with respect, and never cause them harm, and there I was ripping page after page out of the books.  It was a little bit traumatic at first, but it did become easier as I went along.  And the finished projects were really neat.

The only problem was when I was working on my last project, and after ripping out about 50 pages, I happened to casually read part of a page while sewing seams around the edges, and a couple of words caught my eye..... wait a minute, the content on that page is not quite appropriate.  An innocent looking novel with content I don't want people reading right there on my project.

Back to the thrift store to buy another book to destroy.... so sad to ruin a perfectly good book that I couldn't even use for my craft.  Kinda felt sorry about that one, but glad that people didn't have to be subjected to it in my project....

The finished projects were and are pretty neat, I really enjoyed making things out of books.  It is sad that some day there might not be many books left to play with, since we are moving into the digital age.  Less books are being printed, and the choices won't be as numerous in the future, and you can't rip pages out of a digital copy.... You just don't get the same effect.

~Alaskan Brat~


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