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Thursday, May 2, 2013

More on the bridal Shower in California

The First Bridal Shower we had for Stephanie was in California with all our friends and family from there.  It was a wonderful day and absolutely beautiful... Here are the invitations that we made for the shower...  Do they look familiar to anyone???

We did the same invitation for the shower here in Pennsylvania... They all turned out so cute.  This was a Pintrest  Idea, and it worked really well for us.  The hardest part was tying all those little bows, and locating the pink card-stock!

The favors were supper cute too... I spent a couple days making the envelopes out of old cookbooks, sewing them into an envelope.  After I sewed the envelope we tore the edges to make them look a little better...

There I am....  The Brat... Actually using a Sewing machine, and sewing the 
pages into the envelopes.....

My mother decided during this craft project that she 
"Does not tear paper for decorative purposes".

The envelopes done and in a basket.... Inside is a surprise to be revealed when opened at home... Just a little something to make them smile...  Here is a peek...

I had a hard time finding the perfect book to make these envelopes out of..... First I brought home Little Women, and antique book with old weathered pages that I purchased at the consignment store in Penn Valley CA.  My daughters completely vetoed that idea.... something about that book being special and really old, and I couldn't rip the pages out.  The next set of books I brought home for the same purpose, were piano music, to be specific, worship music, and I felt guilty using them for this purpose since we were filling them with these cute little cookies.  So back to the thrift store I went.  I searched through all the books there and finally found a cookbook that was the right kind of paper, the size was just big enough, and it wasn't something that would be missed from society.....and made my purchase.

As we were making these, I came to realize that the recipes in the book were really good! I started to feel bad about destroying the book... But it had an added perk.  
Each person was going to get an awesome recipe that they could try at home.  
My mom insisted on picking out a specific envelope favor because she loved the recipe...
 It was a fun favor to make and to give to all the shower attenders, since everyone was asked to bring a recipe to the shower for Stephanie.

And the cookies that Savannah baked and decorated were 
absolutely delicious and adorable...


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