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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Update on Salsa Recipe

Mothers day was wonderful, and spent with my beautiful family.  

What did we do you ask???

We went to our local Mexican food restaurant for lunch after church of course....  

The food was wonderful, and we saw many people there that we knew which was fun.  They were so very sweet in that every mom that came in received a red rose on entering the restaurant, given with a smile, by a very nice employee.  They must have handed out over 100 roses that afternoon alone.  It was such a sweet thing to do.

Any way.... back to my thoughts on Salsa...  

The food was wonderful, like I already said, but the thing that surprised me was the salsa. We were given the salsa to enjoy as we were looking at our menus, trying to narrow the selection to only one choice of so many delicious possibilities!!  Well... the salsa was just OK... I was a little dissapointed with the look of it, to begin with.  It didn't look bright and  pretty and fresh looking like I thought it would or should, it was all the same color and was kind of a dull red.  It tasted fine, but it just left something to be desired.... The chips were fresh and Hot and delicious, but I couldn't help wishing that I had some of the salsa that I had made, that was sitting in my refrigerator at home to dip into with those yummy chips.

So.... that leaves me with my desire of this post.. which is....If you are a salsa lover, and really enjoy the salsa you are given to enjoy as you are sitting there in your favorite Mexican restaurant, and would like to enjoy it while you are at home... Try the recipe I posted here on the blog... it lasts up to a week or so if you can keep it in your frig that long.  It tastes wonderful and fresh and really delicious.

So next time your shopping, don't forget to pick up some cilantro, jalepenios , onions, and canned crushed tomatoes... you won't be sorry....



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