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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Taking time to enjoy those whom you love......

Loved ones..... Those whom are near and those who are far away... everyone has them, or at least I would hope that you have "Loved Ones"

Each of us is given 24 hours a day, and some days that 24 hours seems to go by so fast, and others seem to drag on........ But each of us is only given 24 hours to do what we choose, good or bad, high intensity, or relaxing.

Each and every day we have to spend with our loved ones, is a gift from God.  He blesses us so much by the people he puts in our lives, our family, friends, church family, neighbors..... each and every person we come into contact with God knows about before it happens.  When we stop to help someone in the grocery store, or talk to our waiter or waitress, God planned for you to be put in the path of that person at that moment in time, and our words and actions have lasting consequences to everyone we touch with our lives.

Your family was created specifically for a purpose, and is a gift from the Heavenly father.  We are each given people in our lives that need us, and that we need, to make our lives better and full of love and joy.  Sometimes it is to bring sorrow, and sadness or personal growth.  How we look at our situation will depend of our own internal workings, and our relationship with God.

I has been 22 years that I have had to spend with my daughter Stephanie..... watching her grow up and become a wonderful woman of God.  Years helping her with her schooling, and with her everyday life.  Watching her grow deeper and deeper in love with the Lord, and grow to be a wonderful woman of God.  The time has gone so fast.... 22 years in a blink of an eye.  There have been so many happy memories that I could never count them if I tried, and I know there will be many more to look forward to in the future.  

Things will change here in a couple of weeks... My little girl will be starting on a new path, and beginning her own life with her new husband, and making new memories.  No longer will I be able to kiss her on the forehead before bed, or watch her try to wake up with her sleepy walk into the front room bouncing off the wall just a little because she isn't quite awake....  She will be in her own home, with her loving husband, making new memories for her family to be...  I know it will be wonderful for them as they begin as newly weds.

Just remember that each day you should make the most of your loved ones that you have close, and also not forget those who are far away either.  You will not always have them to tell "I love you " to.  One day they might not be there to hear "I Love you", and you don't want them to wonder if you did.   

There are so many things I wish I could have told some people that are not alive anymore, like to my my father and a very dear and special friend....  So many things I wish I could have said or done, things I should have thanked them for, and also apologized for..... Hugs, and Love that should have been shared more... Time and life is so short, make the most of it while you have the opportunity.  You can never say enough to those who are special to you, don't live with regrets and wishing you had said those things that are resting in your heart unsaid... 

 Embrace those who are special to you and give them all the Joy and Love you can.  Don't be afraid to become a little vulnerable... Share your love and happiness with everyone that you can, while you can.... Because when you share Love, you are sharing Christ.... and that is the best and most important gift of all. 



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