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Friday, May 17, 2013

The wedding is almost here.....

The wedding date is quickly approaching, and all the last minute details are getting done.  Finally got Stephanie to try on her dress to make sure it fits,  and praise the Lord it still fits, we still need to do a few tucks and arrange for the bustle, but It Fits!

Hard to believe that a year of courting and a year of engagement are done and gone.... my how the time passes.  June 1st will be knocking on our door very soon.

Now we just need to keep praying for good weather and all will be good.

Can't wait for the family to start arriving, so we get to spend time with them.  Sharing this time will be such a blessing and so much fun..

It has been years since family have visited the east coast with us, and we are so blessed to get to have many make the trek for this joyous occasion.

Spring is in the air and the natural world is coming alive after a long cold winter, you can't help but get excited for all the new flowers and spring green foliage.  Birds making their nests and baby birds chirping away..... yes, spring is in the air.....  and a wedding is about to happen!


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