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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Wedding day is almost here........

Never really thought that this week would ever really get here.... but yet it has arrived.  I have thought about this and prayed for this for so long, it is just hard to believe that it is actually happening.

Went to the airport today to pick up my wonderful husband..... he came back to us from a trip he really didn't want to make, and no one should have to go through, yet most of us will.    He returned from being reunited with his family, to share one of the saddest days of his life. Sharing in the passing of his beloved father.   At a time filled with celebration and promise, God wanted us to stop and remember we are only here for a little time, and realize how important those loved ones truly are to us.

Tomorrow we head back to the airport, to pick up my mother.  When it comes to sorrow she understands what losing a loved one is like, she has had Both of her husbands leave the earth way too early.  She might have had her share of sorrow but she also knows how to make the most out of life.  Our time here has its limits, and as long as we keep our focus on Godly things, our life will be something to rejoice in.

It will be doubly hard at this wedding.... loved ones that should be there rejoicing, will not be there physically, but they will always be there in spirit.  Carried in our hearts and minds.  They will always be with us....My father never had an opportunity to know my daughters, but just looking into their beautiful eyes, I can see Him staring back at me.... their Grandfather Don taught them so much about being a Godly person and treating everyone with kindness and compassion.  He lives deep in the essence of who they are and will always be a part of them.  My step father was always there for them and spoiled them rotten, but that's ok, because I'm spoiled too and I turned out pretty decent.

This week will happen like whirlwind and more trips to the airport.... which is funny because it is usually us that are flying off to destinations all over.  We will definitely be busy.... but will share this time with friends and family, and that's always a wonderful way to do it.

Can't wait to see what this week has in store for us!  Stay tuned for what happens next... you never know what kind of mischief we will find our selves in....



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