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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Crisp Apple Pecan Salad

Going through my e-mail today and I came across this recipe, and it 
just made my mouth water!!

Grocery shopping last week at my favorite grocery store over in Ohio, had me purchasing quinoa at the request of my darling daughter.

We keep coming across recipes that need quinoa, and we had never thought
 to buy it.  So now that the pantry is stocked with that ingredient, we can make one or more of the recipes that we keep pinning on our 
pinterest boards and move it into the "we made this category".

I am subscribed to Sugar Dish Me, 
 the website where I found this beautiful Salad.

She really has some amazing recipes on her site, and
The pictures of her food really make your mouth water....

Link to this beautiful looking Salad and the recipe for it.

I'm thinking this might be good with a nice juicy pear 
in place of the Apple, Or maybe a nectarine..... 
I just can't seem to follow a recipe the way it is written...

Oh the possibilities....

Quinoa, here we come, with our attempt to use you successfully
In our recipe adventure.

~ Brat~


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