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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Prayer Walk

This coming Monday night, I am doing an interactive
Prayer walk for our women's ministry.

I have participated in these several times, but this time I'm in 
Charge of the whole thing, and I'm really excited about it.

I have spent months doing research, and planning, and getting
All the ideas ready for an evening of prayer through creative activities.

The ladies will go from station to station throughout the night
Focusing on God through prayer and hands on crafts, journaling, 
And activities meant to draw their relationship with 
God closer over the evening.

Some of the activities include tying knots, writing with chalk, mirrors,
Bandaids, water, a clock, puzzle pieces, buttons, flour, candles,
Markers, pottery, and a lot more...

Did I say I'm excited???

This Monday September 15, 2014

Any and all ladies are invited to this women's ministry event.

Contact me if you need more information, or if you
Would be interested in hearing more about this night with
The idea of doing it at Your church or ladies retreat...

It's going to be a great night!!!



Suzanne Coleman said...

I am SO excited too Heather!!! Thank you for organizing a night to remember with Jesus!!! Love ya!!

twilighttimegirl said...

How I wish I could have made it tonight!! This sounds so exciting.. and I really need to know more of our church family.. Can't wait to hear how it went <3
Deanna Bowser

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