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Monday, September 22, 2014

Having Fun With Sourdough

Well this past week I have been babysitting a lot....
Like constantly.  Feeding every 8 to 12 hours... keeping close supervision
On my baby, because I want it to grow strong, and get bigger...

Well my baby is healthy, and active, and has already given birth!!!

My baby is a beautiful bubbling Sourdough Starter....

Yes, yes, I know... your not as excited as me, but this is an awesome thing
To behold... something from my childhood years growing up in Alaska.

Sourdough pancakes were Devine, and people carefully cared for their Sourdough
 starters for years.  Some Starters could be traced back a hundred years or more.

I finally created a successful Starter that has great taste, and is active and happy
Living in my kitchen in a mason jar on my stove.  It gets fed and bubbles away
Happily, waiting to become bread, or English muffins, or pancakes or waffles...

I have been going back through my cookbooks, and familiarizing my self with
The world of Sourdough... It has Been a fun adventure.

My first try out of the Sourdough Jug was Crockpot Sourdough Bread.
It baked in my 2.5 quart Crock pot, and it turned out really flavorful.
Definitely a first attempt  success!!!

This is the website that helped inspire me to give Sourdough
A try again, and also taught me that I can use my crockpot to bake bread!!!

This website also had the recipe and instructions for starting my 
Sourdough Starter. Here is the link below.

This is what a Starter looks like when it is happy and well fed!
This is from the link.  

Mine looks pretty much the same, only it lives in a mason jar...

Now what to do with all the extra Starter.... A person can only eat so much 
Bread, pancakes and waffles....

The fun part about this bread, is that I am making it from the no knead artisan method.
So even if you don't have a kitchen Aid, or have bulging muscles, you can still
Make fantastic bread with very little effort....

You just have to be very patient and let the bread just sit in a warm place...
Hanging out, bubbling away for 12 to 18 hours.... 
It takes another couple hours in second rising and baking.
But it really is easy and forgiving on the time table.

I'll post more links as I make my way on my Sourdough journey....

If anyone local wants some starter, just let me know..

I have plenty, each and every day, bubbling away....

~ Brat~


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