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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prayer Walk Revisited

Reflections on the Prayer Walk

We had such a touching evening at our women's ministry event.

The prayer walk was a fun experience to plan and facilitate for our
Ladies in the church.

There were some very inspirational activities, quiet contemplation, and creative communications with God over the whole evening.

Jesus is the light of the world, and Healing Hearts activities....

Here I am just finishing setup, and prepping for the evening. 
Getting a head start on some of the activities.
I was surprised at the things God brought to mind in this activity, things I
Thought had been settled and put to sleep forever, but I trust in the Lord, so I 
Used the Healing Hearts activity in the way the Lord led me to.

We are not alone in this walk through life... every Christian stands together to shine
In this darkened world... It is a good reminder... and one we need as fellow 
Women, wives, mothers and Christians....

Praise him, or the rocks will cry out and praise Him...
Jesus is the great Healer...

Wonderful time of Creative Prayer Journaling....

I enjoyed the comforting companionship of the other ladies as I talked with God 
Through writing in my journal.  Listening to what he wanted me to take from this night...

As I shared with the women at the end of the night, 
the Lord kept telling me Grace & Mercy.....
He really wanted me to meditate on these two actions....

There was more he kept telling me, private things I struggle with that he is
Still working with me on.... I know that he knows my heart, and he knows my struggles.
It is very comforting.

I loved seeing friends and other women sitting reverently spending time 
With God and Journaling there thoughts and prayers to our Lord and Savior...
It was a very powerful experience....

One of the activities to remind you to pray..... 
Creativity at its finest.
Found on pinterest and modified to fit our purpose.

This was one of my favorite stations.... and it was revisited through the night.
I love that when there wasn't enough R tiles, someone made some 
Out of paper and ripped them into a square shape to fit the board...
Creative and obedient to the Lord's prompting.

These are powerful words of God working in these ladies hearts and minds, and 
In their personal walk with the Lord..
It was such a privilege to serve our women's ministry with this evening.
Many months of research, and creative planning and shopping, and time
Spent talking with God about my plans.... what an amazing opportunity
The Lord let me facilitate...

I am hoping to be able to do this again soon for our church....
I even have a bunch more activities planned, so anyone whom already
Participated Will have new experiences to work through.

Praise be to God for this experience...

Grace & Mercy & Manny Blessings to you all.....

~ Brat~

P.S.  Thank you to my daughter for taking these photos.  
In all the craziness of planning and packing for this evening, I forgot
 To bring my camera....


Heather Thornton said...

I would love to share this experience with other women's groups in the area.
Contact me if you think your women's ministry would be interested.

~ Heather~

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